BOARD PACK: 2 SIT’ABIT stools + 3 photo frames + extras


Here’s sustainable living:
– Get all the optimized production out of a cork board – MINIMUM WASTE, MAXIMUM REWARDING! 2x PLY&co SIT’ABIT Cork Jr. STOOL + 2x insta.CORK 10x10cm PHOTO FRAME + 1x insta.CORK 10×15 PHOTO FRAME + coasters.
Retail value of the separated items: 240€ (20% DISCOUNT)
All made of this unique natural material, resistant yet soft, that is cork: the “wool from trees” !

All these pieces are extracted from the SAME BOARD OF RAW MATERIAL and were designed with smooth safe contours to boost the understanding of the constructive logic by children.
Made from high density Portuguese cork agglomerate the SIT’ABIT Jr. CORK flat-packed, easy-to-assemble stool and Photo frames are not only an eye catcher, but also playful in spirit and environmentally friendly.
Its child-friendliness and safety indeed invite kids to interact with it and the tactile experience promotes awareness of the texture.

Five in One

Take a step towards a more sustainable living.

This unique set is the product of crafting one board of the best Portuguese cork.

Cool and warm

This playful yet elegant stool is an iconic piece that catches the eye and transmits tranquility with its natural touch.
Your environment will easily be enhanced.

Additional information

Weight 8,1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 36 cm

Paulo Costa


Natural cork


High density cork agglomerate, FSC certifiedFinishing: manual fine grain sanding


2 Children’s stools + 2 Photo frames 10x10cm + 1 Photo frame 10x15cm + 2 Thick coasters

Keeping Isntructions

Delicate item: handle with care when mounting dismounting. If wet, wipe with soft cloth. Clean stains with neutral soap and slightly damp cloth or sandpaper.