SIT’ABIT MINI, the 1: 5 scale version of the established SIT’ABIT stool.
A piece for collectors or small creatives, ideal to enjoy fun times with your children and explore the child within yourself.

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Made from 4mm aspen plywood by laser cut and engraving, it replicates all the characteristics of the original.
The SIT’ABIT miniature is very easy to assemble by snap fitting 3 parts that connect without using any glues or screws.
It actually comes with a fine sandpaper to finish it like a pro.
When the SIT’ABIT MINI is mounted, the remaining material can be used as an exhibitor or template for children to draw on and cut out other cardboard stools with the help of grown ups!
SIT’ABIT MINI, a small Portuguese design icon.

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Weight 0,065 kg
Dimensions 30 × 11 × 0,5 cm

Paulo Costa