SIT’ABOOL Easy Chair


A relaxed and relaxing piece of furniture that balances between a solid and a weightless existence.
Something Kundera would call an “unbearable lightness of being”.
We, rather presumptuously, called it SIT’ABOOL.

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This lounge chair was conceived following the philosophy of glue and mechanical fixings-free mounting of the PLY&co.® line.
Despite its screw-free concept this is a sturdy and stable piece. You can use it outdoors; it’s perfect for a summer gathering in your lawn.
The textile straps are adjustable and customizable, possible to combine with straps of other colors (kits available by order).
The disassembling of the parts will allow you to have it as your seat of choice anywhere life may take you, flattening down to 1/5 the volume of the assembled unit and equivalent carbon emissions.
Available flat-packed for DIY [tools-free] assembling (lower price and shipping costs) or fully assembled.

Outdoor spirit

In the living room or in the garden, relax in the SIT’ABOOL.
It adapts to you.

Soul in the details

Fully finished and assembled by hand, it can be customized with straps of various colors.

Additional information

Weight 10,1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 90 cm

Paulo Costa


Baltic Birch Plywood, FSC certifiedFinishing: EcoDur: Water based matt varnish. Polyethilene stripes (biodegradable), tied by iron-nickel fasteners


Easy/ Lounge Chair