FU’GEE table


FU’GEE is a special piece designed for the mobility of modern life!
With the unique features of the SIT’ABIT concept this table comes in 2 sizes: SMALL and BIG.

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Both display a smooth corner-free top area and, below, the totally open area permits freedom of leg movements. “small” is great for a tea table or to support the children’s activities while the “BIG” brother features an ergonomic and sturdy structural dimensioning thought to allow seating for up to 6 persons. Made from Valchromat® or Birch plywood, and finished in natural wax or matte waterbased varnish, the FU’GEE is super easy to put together just by simple fitting. Endowed with the typical PLY&co.® pragmatism it is very practical to store when not needed or to freely use in outdoor environments or wherever its versatile attributes may be useful. Other colours available by order: http://www.valchromat.pt/gama

Additional information

Weight 6,6 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 40 cm

Red Valchromat, Anthracite Valchromat


Coffe/ Side table

Keeping Instructions

Delicate item: handle with care when mounting dismounting.If wet, wipe with soft cloth.Do not use abrasive cloths or substances.Finishing in natural wax: 100% organic and user maintainable (even when scratched).We recommend using small felt pads (provided) in the stools feet all times.


Valchromat®, FSC certifiedFinishing: Eco:100% Naturhaus® natural wax, applied by hand