MAN’IKIN hanger rack


A perfect mute waiter to take care of your daily outfit changes.


Made from 25mm thick Valchromat® coloured allthrough (not lacquered) and finished manually with easy keeping natural waxes,
the MAN’IKIN is a piece that will aid you daily in your bedroom or working space.
We know how it breaks when it comes to quick changes of clothing, depending on weather or humour.
The chair wasn’t designed for that.
Dismountable yet sturdy, it can be shipped flat-packed and also be provided with a set of 2 wheels, for more dynamic or professional uses or an elegant wicker shoe shelf at h=30cm (both by order).
Good for up to 16 hangers/8kg.
Also available in top grade Birch Plywood.

Additional information

Weight 9,5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 45 × 130 cm