Birch plywood is a very strong and stable material, with excellent environmental characteristics for the optimization that it makes from the wood, promoting reuse.
“Valchromat” is made from waste and reuse of wood, which is then crushed into fibers and aggregate with wax and a resin binder and is manufactured largely from locally grown timber. The finishing of woods is mostly natural wax, applied by hand.
The seat and back of the chair consist of strips of polyester (biodegradable).

Pretty much like the lambs wool the cork is the extraction of the bark of this peculiar Mediterranean tree.
The bark is peeled without harming the tree, by specialized labourers every 9 years, which actually becomes stronger and healthier after each crop.
The Portuguese Montado has the biggest number of cork oaks in the world, whereas strong legislation monitors the keeping of this legacy.
Cork has great thermal, acoustic and water repellent characteristics besides its cozy touch and looks. A material that keeps the best wines and champagnes ageing for better speaks for itself.