“The attitude that PLY&co. introduced in the market and design panorama has a curious freshness. The combination of traditional Portuguese materials with an essential design, pure and elegant, are pramount in these products. The practical forms they declare are an example of how well-made objects can be an indispensable tool in our day-to-day. ” 
Roberto Cremascoli, architect
Curator of the Remade in Portugal

“Cork is an exemplary material in the area of sustainability for being a natural product, renewable and recyclable. The conception of the SIT’ABIT stool matches perfectly with the whole cork logic: nothing is wasted, everything is transformed!”
Lino Rocha
Amorim Cork Composites Manager

“The stool found a great spot in my apartment. It feels good to see people that truly believe in their project, especially when these are beautiful.
I didn’t expect to find this in a music festival and it was a really good surprise.
Thank you very much!”

Mathieu Bonnin, client from Paris, France

“The SIT’ABIT stools are super! They’re perfect for the adults and the children in our house and I’m a huge fan of the photo frames.
I love the shape and design, I have 3 now, all different colours but due to the unifying design they work really well together.
Thanks again!”

Claire Ransom, client from the UK